The Piggyback Foundation
Carrying Families Through Times of Need Since 2007


The Piggyback Foundation, founded in 2007,to help carry families through times of need because every child loves a piggyback ride. We do Big, little things to create joy for families faced with a life threatening illness.

We focus on families from all walks of life, that are not receiving services elsewhere and need help to maintain normalcy for all the children in the family.

Cancer is scary, whether it is a sibling diagnosed or a parent. It changes your whole life and definitely gives a new perspective. There are doctors appointments, hospital visits, surgeries and treatments. One or our parents, Margaret, who passed from cancer, said what she loved about Piggyback is that we didn't focus on her illness but instead helped her enjoy her time with her daughter.

We have a passion for helping people facing life-threatening illnesses like cancer. We can't do anything to change their diagnosis, we can only try to ease their stress and help them focus on the joys of life instead of the seriousness of their illness.

The Piggyback Foundation helps families maintain a sense of normalcy during times of serious illness by providing assistance to meet the emotional, educational and physical needs of the children.

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