The Piggyback Foundation
Carrying Families Through Times of Need Since 2007

Sunshine Fund Referral

The purpose of The Piggyback Foundation is to help carry families through times of need. We provide assistance to families when a loved one is facing the challenges of a serious, life threatening illness.

The Piggyback Foundation (PBF) is made up of volunteers. Some of us have a passion for helping, while others have gone through similar experiences as our Piggyback families and want to give back. We know families have a long road ahead. By making a referral, families know that people in the community care.

Shirley, a caring mother of 4, who battled cancer, felt it was important to be able to spread a little sunshine to families by doing a little something to bring joy to families facing the challenges of a life threatening illness.

If you would like to make a referral, please complete the form below. Referrals are anonymous. Gifts to the family are sent though The Piggyback Foundation. If the Foundation feels the family may qualify for the foundation’s complete assistance an application and brochure will be mailed with the gift. Otherwise, the gift will be a one-time donation.

Shirley’s Sunshine Fund gifting is at the discretion of the board.

Complete form online or Print and Mail to:

The Piggyback Foundation, P.O. Box 436, Norwalk, Ohio 44857

Drop off the form at:

When Pigs Fly, 31 E. Main Street, Norwalk, Ohio 44857